Why do I Blog?

There was a question on Day 1 of this blogging course that asked why I blog. I did answer that, but it was a bit brief, I think, so I’ll tell you as bit more.

I used to be a teacher. I’ve taught many subjects, although my main subject is science, and I studied maths and English as subsidiaries. In my first job I taught mainly science with some English. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the creative writing part of the curriculum, especially. I had always enjoyed this part of English myself when I was at school.

During this time, teaching in Salford, near Manchester, England, I was also asked to teach games. That wasn’t too bad, but then I was asked to teach Religious Education. Now I was brought up in a Methodist family. My grandfather was a local preacher, and all the family, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. went to church every Sunday. I attended Sunday school and did all the things expected of me there, becoming confirmed etc. This, however, did not prepare me to teach R.E. to teenagers. I was one lesson ahead of them for a whole year!

During my student days I wrote some poetry, which has all been lost over the years, except for one that I can remember. That one was published in the University magazine, a fact that I am quite proud of. Then when I was on my second teaching practice in a primary school in Irlam, Lancashire, a 9-year-old boy came up to me with a book asking ‘Have you ever read this, Miss ?’

‘This’ turned out to be ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ I told him that I hadn’t and he recommended that I did so, but first I should read The Hobbit.

Some days later I was in the library and I spotted The Hobbit. I got it out and read it, followed by The Lord of the Rings. The rest, as they say, is History.

I went on to devour the C.S. Lewis books. There wasn’t much fantasy around then. I was also reading SciFi, of course, and this kept me going for quite some time before more fantasy became available. Then I went to work in Croydon, just to the south of London. Here I found some colleagues who played Dungeons and Dragons in their leisure time. I had always wanted to play and so we joined forces with some other colleagues and formed a club, playing at lunchtime.

Eventually, of course, these people left and so I decided to start a club with some of the pupils. I DMed this club using bought scenarios for quite a while until I thought ‘I could write a scenario’; so I did.

Eventually, several years later, and many run-throughs of the scenario with different pupils at two different schools, I thought that it may make a book. When I retired I started to write it. It has changed a bit (no, quite a lot) from the original, but the basics are still there.

After publishing the book, I found that I needed to market it and was told that a blog was essential. That is why I began the blog, but I am not sticking to just publishing about my books (of which there are now 3, including a cookery book with many recipes from t he turn of the century). I want to talk about many things and so what you will see here is a variety of subjects. I will occasionally talk about what I am writing and how I am progressing an also about the process of writing to help others, but I will also digress onto many other topics.

I hope you like my blogs. Please comment on what you think and I will try to answer you.

Please leave a comment and I'll attempt to get back to you.

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