A 5 star review

I am putting in an extra blog this week because I’ve just received an email to say that the review below has been posted by John Thornton. I am most flattered by what he said. The email arrived yesterday at 4.15 or there about, so I don’t know if it’s gone live yet.


Thank you for your kind words, John.

wolfpackcover (2)

5 Stars

“The Wolf Pack” is an original and well crafted fantasy novel. If you like novels like the “Earthsea Saga” by Ursula Le Guin or “When the Heavens Fall” by Marc Turner then I suggest that you may well enjoy “The Wolf Pack.” British style and spellings throughout. Not really a negative, just a difference to be noted.


I found the characters well developed, and complex (in a good way).

The plot is unique and unusual. It is not easy to explain, but does unfold nicely as one reads through the book. I am trying to avoid spoilers, so I do not want to give too much away.

Dialogue is well written and each character has his or her own voice.


It took me a bit to “get into” the book, but that might be because fantasy is not my favorite genre. Some might call this “high fantasy” but I am never quite sure where the lines are on the various types of fantasy novels.

Otherwise a solid book. My rating, A-

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