Two poems appearing in The Wolf Pack

Today I am posting some poems found by the characters in The Wolf Pack. They are prophetic poems that helped the companions find Sauvern’s Sword.

There are a number of poems appearing in this book. Some are in the language of the Elves’



Prophecy found by Carthinal

When Kalhera descends from the mountains,
And orcs once more roam the land,
When impossible beasts occur
And the never-dying man is once more at hand.
Then the Sword that was lost must once more be found;
Only it can destroy the threat
And kill the immortal mortal
To balance out his debt.


Clue found by Asphodel and Fero
To the whereabouts of Sauvern’s Sword

Deep in the forest lies the tomb
Protected from all evil.
Sauvern lies as in the womb,
Safe from man or devil.

His Sword is resting by his side
Awaiting call to action.
When danger lurks on every side
You need the Sword’s reaction.

But first, 6? 8? questers bold must go
To Sauvern’s tomb, surrounded
By Guardians strong, no fear must show
Or from there they will be hounded.

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