CHECK YOUR FACTS! A Warning for Authors

A warning for all authors.

Melissa A. Graham

I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but hopeful (and sometimes desperate) authors should be warned when there is someone out there that will try to take advantage of them or promise them things that they don’t deliver. There are enough scams and half-assers out there, but when someone can stop someone else from making a big mistake, this is exactly what should be done.

I want to talk to you about and the bullshit I just dealt with. Maybe, once you see for yourselves what it is they *actually* deliver, you can avoid making the DUMB mistake I did.

On Feburary 19, I came across a suggested post on FB. I wish I had taken a screenshot of it so I could relay their pitch word-for-word, but you will just have to go onto their FB and read for yourself because they have blocked me. Basically, it…

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4 thoughts on “CHECK YOUR FACTS! A Warning for Authors”

  1. Hello and thank you.

    Indeed, when reading the entire author bio it is clear the author wasn’t referring to something real. While not trying to excuse as it’s been clear our fault, the service we used to pull the author bio from Amazon captured just the first part of the information. Without knowing that, we took it for granted. It was our mistake for not double checking and I apologize for this.

    We learned our lesson: to always confirm with the author that their bio is correct 🙂



  2. Hi,
    This is Peter from commenting in regards to the article and author you make reference to.

    Our website is not a scam as it’s been implied and this was a clear case of dealing with an author with a bad attitude after a misunderstanding. We have hundreds of happy authors to vouch for us.

    Upon creating the review for the book in question, a portion of the author bio the author had on his Amazon page was used, some parts of it turned to be understood incorrect. Instead of pointing this to us politely so we can correct it as a honest mistake, the author started throwing bad language at us (which can be seen even in the post you reference). That’s an attitude we find strongly immature.

    As a result the review was removed and the author fee was refunded.

    As such I feel calling us a scam is not fair and would appreciate a correction.

    Thank you,


    1. I have posted your comment because I think everyone has the right to reply. It is now up to individuals to make up their own mind. However, the portion of the author bio used does seem fairly obviously what the author (incidentally, a ‘she’ not a ‘he’) was imagining and not real facts.

      I posted the blog in good faith. I cannot publish a correction since I was quoting another person. If the blog published was incorrect, I apologise.


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