Sensitivity Readers Beware

A. M. Dunnewin

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We all have a dark side, that mischievous and rather evil counterpart that usually leads us in the wrong direction. But is it bad to embrace that dark side when it comes to your writing?

The reason I bring this up is because last weekend I came across the articles regarding the “sensitivity reader.” Basically, publishers and authors are hiring readers to point out issues in a stoImage result for death fairy tales gifry that will offend and hurt people’s feelings. It’s being passed off as “making sure the story isn’t biased” and “getting a culture/racial group right.” Call it what you want, but its writers and publishers being afraid of offending readers because readers will take to social media and dig them an early social grave. Fine. Go overprotect your work because Gwyneth from Santa Barbara thought you portrayed the female Asian warriors in your sci-fi novel unrealistically which they interpreted as you spitting in the eye of the…

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