Book Release

Today Vengeance of a Slave is released. It is a historical novel I wrote under the pen name of Emily Littler.


If you pre-ordered it, you should find it on your Kindle or Kindle app. Thank you for pre-ordering. When you’ve read it, I would be most grateful if you could post a review. Thank you in advance for that, too.

The story is set in Roman Britain and tells the tale of a young boy, taken as a slave from his family and homeland in Germania. He arrives in Britain with his new master and becomes a pet of the domina, or mistress of the house.

He builds up a hatred of the Romans for his treatment. Although not harshly treated, he resents being a pet, no better than a dog, and worries about what will happen when he’s no longer a pretty child.

He resents the loss of his freedom, his family, his friends, his country and his language. He builds this hatred every evening with a litany he adds to at each problem the Romans put before him. He dreams of escape and revenge on the Romans.

Can he escape? And how can one young man take on the might of Rome and survive?

His hatred is eating away at his soul. Can he find redemption?


If you have bought the book, please consider leaving a review. Reviews are important to novelists as they help other people to know if the book is the kind they like to read.

If you haven’t bought the book yet and wish to do so, here is a link that will take you to it in your own country.


Please leave any comments in the comments box and I’ll get back to you.


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