Dance ‘Til It Rains

Definitely good advice. I’m going to dance until it rains from now on.


There are many indigenous tribes around the world that practice various forms of rainmaking, which is a weather modification ritual that attempts to invoke rain. Among the best known examples of weather modification rituals are African rain dances, historically performed by northern tribes (Sahara and north-ward) in Africa.

What is not surprising about the rainmaking rituals most of these tribes perform is that when they dance, it usually does not rain. But there is one particular tribe where every time they dance, it rains. Why did the rain dances favor this one tribe, and not the others? When anthropologists went to study this tribe to learn their secret, they learned that this tribe danced until it rained. That was their secret. 

Zulu-cultural-danceIn my life, I have missed many opportunities to do amazing things because I did not understand the value of sticktoitiveness and persistence. Why is it that most people…

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