4 thoughts on “…mobile-phone-itis… the delusion of being in communication control…”

    1. When I was teaching, mobile phones were forbidden in class. We were supposed to confiscate them and give them to the head, whonthen got the parent to come and get it.
      One boy had his phone out in my lesson. I confiscated it, as per orders. At the end of the lesson, he asked for it back. I told him one of his parents would have to come and get it from the head. He then said he was going camping with scouts or something and what if his mother needed to get in touch with him?
      I told my son, whose comment was, ‘When I was his age, I’d have been mortified if you’d contacted me at camp.’
      So much has changed. Incidentally, he didn’t get the phone back from me.
      I told my so

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