I’m so angry.

People just don’t get it!

This virus is highly contagious.

People are dying with it.

The National Health Service is overwhelmed.

Yet they are STILL going out into the parks, and probably to the coast as well.

A group of young lads has been gathering fairly regularly in the park behind where we live.

A neighbour, whose husband has been taken into hospital with the virus is having her daughter come from abroad to be with her at this time.

A woman talking to a supervisor in our local Tesco was not standing 2 metres away, and was even leaning in toward the supervisor.

A man standing in the queue to go into Iceland was not covering his mouth when he coughed.

A woman went to the toilet in a supermarket, left without washing her hands and then went picking up unwrapped tomatoes.

Etc. etc. etc.

These are all genuine cases.

Until people become sensible and realise that what they are doing is making the situation worse, it will go on and on. When will they realise the NHS is under tremendous pressure and that perhaps they will be the one not provided with a ventilator when they become ill?

We were told at the beginning that it was only the elderly and those with underlying health issues who were likely to die, but that has proven incorrect. A 5 year old boy died. A 13 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. Nurses and doctors in their 30s have died, too.

I am so angry at the stupidity of people. If they want this lockdown to continue all summer, and be made even stricter, then they should carry on as they are doing, but if they want it to be over quicker, then they should ABIDE BY THE RULES. They are there to protect us all.

Sorry for this rant. I don’t usually so things like this on my blog, but I am so Angry.

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