A simple Quiz to win an audio book

The ancient Greeks believed everything was made up of four basic elements in varying proportions. People also believed this into the middle ages, and physicians thought that sickness was caused by an imbalance in these four elements. People were treated by using substances of the other elements to rebalance the system.

Ever since Mendeleev, science has known that this is untrue, although the same name– element– has been given to these building blocks of matter.

We now know that things are much more complex than our ancestors believed, but the idea of these elements is still around, even in our language in words like choleric and phlegmatic.

In writing The Stones if Earth and Air, I used this ancient idea. There are five worlds in the book, all in different dimensions of space and time. Four are based on the four classical elements, and the fifth is an amalgamation of the others.

The Stones of Earth and Air has now been released as an audit book, I have some to give away. There are 25 for the US and 25 for the UK. This gave me a problem. Who should I give them to? I eventually came up with the idea of a quiz.

There are 2 questions. Not too difficult, really. If you answer them correctly, and send your answers to me to my email address (vivienne.sang@gmail.com) and tell me where you are (US or UK), I will send you the code to get the book.

It will be first come, first served, of course, and as there are only 25 for each country, be quick and send your answers.

The first 2 elements are in the title of the book I’m offering. What are the other 2 elements?

At some point, a fifth element was introduced. What is it called?

(Apologies if you are in a different country, but I’ve only got codes for the US and UK.)

Please leave a comment and I'll attempt to get back to you.

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