Cavendish, Suffolk in oils on board.

I’ve decided not to go any further with Carthinal’s tale at this time. I’ve submitted it to the publisher, and I don’t think they’ll be very pleased to have the complete novella available on the net. It will be some time before it is published, though, as they have another novella of mine in the pipeline.

I am also working on a third. This one is the story of Asphodel. I did originally publish it here, but there are significant changes to it, and so I don’t think that what is here is really comparable.
So I will have to re-think what I am posting on the first Tuesday of the month.

To be going on with, here’s one of my paintings.

This is Cavendish, in Suffolk. Many of the houses in that part of the world are painted in pastel shades. This village has a large village green and the houses portrayed in this picture are alms houses.

I lived not far from this pretty village in the ’80s and we often passed through it on our way to the coast.

If you liked this painting, please feel free to reblog. But acknowledge me when you do, please.

What do you think of my painting? Let me know in the comments box.

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