6 thoughts on “Strange juxtapositions”

  1. It’s strange, Vivienne, but I can’t find the links on your posts to the originals. They aren’t coming through for me. It might be something I’m just not seeing. But take a look. 😀


    1. It’s odd, Diana. I’m getting likes and comments from other people so I would assume they are following the links. I’ll look again, though. I did check on the link to The PBS blog , the one on slavery, and it was there on my pc.

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        1. Actually, Diana, when I checked several of my reblogs, I found there were in fact, no actual comments, just likes. This means that people are simply coming to my blog, clicking ‘like’ without even looking! Not very encouraging. However, I’ve sent a query to WordPress. Sadly, they don’t respond to email, only to phone calls, it looks like, but they’ve sent me to their forum. I think it’s poor of them not to respond, especially in cases like this when they ought to know about it.
          Thank you so much for bringing this problem to light.

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