I am sad to hear that Kevin Morris, who has appeared on my blog, has lost his guide dog.

I have lost my dear old friend Trigger. My guide dog who brought so much joy into my life (and that of others), and who served me faithfully as my guide from 4 July 2011.

Trigger became very unwell on the evening of Saturday 29 July. My mum, sister and I rushed him to the vets. Although Trigger received excellent treatment his condition deteriated. There was no chance of recovery and to avoid unnecessary suffering I took the heart breaking decision to have my dear old friend euthanised yesterday (Tuesday 1 September).

If you wish to read more click on this link

12 thoughts on “Trigger”

  1. Being a long time animal 🦓 and dog 🐕 lover, I sympathize deeply for your loss, Kevin. Our furry friends enrich our lives beyond comprehension especially in your case.
    Take care, RJ Mirabal, author of more than a couple of animal books

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