the Writing of The Wolf Pack, and a free offer

In the mid 80s, when I was teaching in secondary school I ran a Dungeons and Dragons club. We played a number of ready produced scenarios, but then I thought I could do this and write one of my own.

The game went well, and the players all enjoyed it. I played it with several groups in two different schools.

I had read (and played) the Dragonlance Saga by Weis and Hickman, which had grown from a D and D game, so I thought, “Why Not?”

After I took early retirement, I thought I could turn it into a book as well and I began writing. Surprisingly, the first book only took the heroes a small part of the journey. It took them to the finding of the Sword of Sauvern, needed in the quest to kill the antagonist.

I wrote this book without any planning, although I suppose you could have thought of the scenario I had written as my ‘plan’. I did know where it was going.

As to the characters, they came unbidden. One, who was only an npc in the scenario took on a part in the adventure as a whole. Another gave me a big surprise at one part in the first book, and another toward the end.

Thus was born ‘The Wolf Pack’, Book 1 of The Wolves of Vimar Series. It gets its title from the group deciding to give themselves a name and calling themselves Wolf.

I have written the next two books in the series, and am part-way through the fourth. I still write without a written plan, although I know where the stories are going in my head.

From today, September 23rd to September 27th, you can get the ebook version of The Wolf Pack absolutely FREE from Amazon.

Just click on the title in the sidebar, or on the links in this post.

The Wolf Pack can also be bought as a paperback.

Blurb for The Wolf Pack.

All Carthinal wants is admission to the ranks of the mages. Traveling from Bluehaven to Hambara, where his rite of passage is to take place, he doesn’t expect to end up on a quest to find the long-lost sword of the legendary King Sauvern.

With strangers he meets on his journey, Carthinal sets out on the seemingly impossible quest. Followed by Randa, the snooty aristocratic daughter of the Duke of Hambara, and the young runaway thief Thad, Carthinal and his companions face tragedy and danger.

Watched by the gods and an implacable foe, they will have to accept help from the least likely sources and face their innermost fears. As the fate of their world hangs in the balance, they realize that this is more than an adventure. This quest will change them all.

The ebook versions of Books 2 and 3 can be got from these links. They are also available in paperback format.

The Never-Dying Man

Wolf Moon

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