review of jerry’s by terry ravenscroft

Image by M Ameen from Pixabay


I enjoyed this book. It was a lighthearted and funny read. Having said that, I did not find it as funny as Terry Ravenscroft’s books on growing old—Stairlift to Heaven, Further up the Stairlift etc.

Terry Ravenscroft was the writer for many of Britains favourite comedies, such as Alas Smith and Jones. He also wrote for many of our best-known comedians, too.


The West Yorkshire village of Throgley had absolutely nothing going for it, especially when compared to its illustrious neighbouring villages of Wormhole and Boggett. Then the village was bequeathed funds from a local multi-millionaire to build a public convenience in memory of his name. The lavatories, the Sir Jerrold Wainwright Memorial Public Convenience, immediately known affectionately, and appropriately given its function, as ‘Jerry’s’, was quite magnificent. It was to bring riches to the village beyond its wildest dreams. It also brought, along with the riches, Jerry’s commissionaire ex-Regimental Sergeant Major Horn. At which point things began to go pear-shaped.


As a memorial to Sir Jerrold Wainwright, the public conveniences have been built to resemble the Taj Mahal, on his request.

The story is about how the new commissionaire, ex-Regimental Sergeant Major Horn manages to turn what was a highly successful enterprise into a disaster, The now-prosperous village, thanks to Jerry’s, starts to revert to its original nonentity. Something must be done, but what?


There are some excellent characters in this book, from the ex-Sergeant Major to the chiropracter, who has an interesting sideline. They were all well-drawn and larger than life.


On the whole, it was well-written, but there were a few typos and errors in the text.


A good book for when you want a lighthearted novel. It is easy to read and will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

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