Some thoughts on Covid-19

I generally don’t comment on contraversial topics on this blog, but I’m getting a bit annoyed. This post is about Covod-19.

The virus is spread by droplets. These droplets are in the spittal in your mouth, hence, talking, shouting, singing, whistling, coughing and sneezing will all spread these droplets.

The problem as I see it, is that people in general do not have what is known as ‘common sense.’

I was in Lancaster in August when I saw a man wearing a face-mask in the street. He removed it to cough!

One of my neighbours died of Covid-19 early on in the pandemic. He was taken ill just before lockdown. He played in a jazz band, blowing a musical instrument.

People seem to have forgotten all about social distancing except where they have to, like in queues. Yesterday, I stepped into a gate to allow an elderly lady to pass on a footpath of just under 1 metre. She paused to have a few words, and in the meantime, three people passed her. None of them stepped off the footpath, thus coming well within 1 meter of her.

Fewer people are using the hand-sanitizers at the entrance to shops. too. At first, people were queueing up to use them. Now not at all.

People have been crowding onto beaches and in country parks. My nephew who lives in North Wales said that at one point you couldn’t find anywhere to park in Snowdonia. The same in the Lake District.

And at the end of August we walked a bit of the Pennine Way in Derbyshire. This bit, at the beginning of the footpath, was paved with stones of about 3/4 metre wide at the most. The path was busy with people going in both directions. No one moved off this narrow path when passing someone else.

I sympathise with the viewpoint, that locking down is not the best way, and that people should have the consequences explained to them. and would heartily agree if I had confidence that people would have enough sense to just be sensible!

Sadly, though, the evidence is the opposite, and so people have to be told what to do.

And why is it always ‘Granny’ that is mentioned? I’ve never heard the people on the radio talk about how you could be killing Grandpa. Always Granny.

The mistake was made at the very beginning of the pandemic when the virus was likened to ’flu. Yes, ’flu is a coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean that Covid-`19 is like ’flu when you get it. In fact, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is called SARS-COV-2. People may remember something about SARS. It was never touted as being ’flu-like.

In fact, Covid-19 is more like pneumonia. Maybe if it had been likened to these two diseases rather than ’flu, people would have been more careful. And Donald Trump saying it’s nothing to be afraid of, just like bad ’flu didn’t help, either.

Saying it was only the elderly and people with underlying health issues who would die was again a mistake. Hence all the young people gathering in restaurants and pubs, and having parties might bnot have been so prevelent. They think they are immune, or that if they get it they won’t be too ill, and certainly won’t die.

OK, my rant about the pandemic has ended.
If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Covid-19”

  1. I agree with you Vivienne that Covid-19 is more dangerous than flu and I’m concerned when I still hear people equating the virus with flu. I’m also amazed at the conspiracy theorists who say that Covid does not exist and is made up by governments to cow the populace. Or, if it does exist, that it is caused by 5g mobile networks. These conspiracy theories are held by otherwise seemingly intelligent people!

    I think the problem with lockdowns is that they do not solve the underlying issue, namely that once they are lifted that COVID spreads rapidly again.

    I also worry that lockdowns will, in the long run do more harm than good. For example by the growth in unemployment and mental health issues, plus it goes against the long tradition of individual liberty in this country when restrictions are placed on people mixing in the privacy of their own homes. Such things are what one expects from Communist or Fascist regimes not from a liberal democracy such as the United Kingdom.

    I think that far more emphasis needs to be placed on education. Hopefully we will get a vaccine next year. However, if we don’t we will need to find a way of living with the virus as its simply not sustainable to keep locking down.

    Best wishes. Kevin

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    1. I don’t envy the government. They have been incompetent, yes, but this is something that no one has dealt with before.
      I heard today that Johnson and Johnson have stopped their tests on the vaccine they have been preparing because one of the volunteers has become ill. That’s a setback, but there are others out there who are trying. They, (whoever they are) also say that they don’t think there will be a once and for all vaccine–that the immunity will wear off and so it will have to be repeated. At what interval, I don’t know.
      Not all businesses have suffered, though. Tesco report that they have increased their profits by 30% since the lockdown. And many on-line businesses are thriving.
      I’m also suspicious of Trump. He looks remarkably well for someone who had Covid-19 less than a fortnight ago. Compare how he looks to how Boris looked.
      One more thing. I don’t know why it’s called COViD-19. It’s actually SARS-COV-2. This is a much more scary name.

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      1. I had my flu vaccination 2 weeks back. As you know you have to be vaccinated once a year against flu. So, as you say it may well be the same procedure for Covid as with Flu. I’m sure you ar right – any government (Labour, Conservative or whatever) would have been faced with a very difficult task as regards dealing with Covid. Best. Kevin

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        1. Yes, they have said that it will probably be like ‘flu, but they’re not sure how long the immunity lasts. It might be a year, but it might be less!


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