Reading Is the Key to Learning

Nicholas Rossis has a visitor to his blog, Garima Aggarwal. She has written about the importance of reading.

I found this post interesting and so I decided to reblog it instead of writing one of my own. I hope you find it as interesting.

Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

Here is what she has to say.

Books don’t just teach you good vocabulary, but a lot more than that. 

As a child, I always found it hard to read books. I mean, who could read a thick novel containing difficult text and no pictures?

And yet, I was always been told that reading books is vital, especially for people interested in writing or those who have to interact with a mass audience on a regular basis. But very few people ever cared to explain to me why reading is important. The rather boring list of reasons they gave me included clichés like, “you will learn new words,” and, “your vocabulary will improve.” So what?

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Image by falco from Pixabay
Now a thought from me

No one ever had to tell me to read, but there weren’t the easy social media and ubiquitous TV and film adaptations then. It’s much easier to watch a Jane Austin film than read her books. Believe me. I’ve done both, but the film is shallow compared with the writing. OK, you get the story, but not much else. And you don’t need to use your imagination, either. Imagination is so important in things other than writing novels.
Creative people of all kinds use imagination, and not just in the arts. They imagined what it would be like if we could light up the dark hours. How can we speak to other people when they are a long way away? What if we could travel without relying on horses? Suppose we could carry our telephones with us everwhere. What about if we could kill germs easily?
There things require imagination, not only on the execution, but in the original idea. Reading will stimulate imagination.

What do you think about reading? Is there anything that hasn’t been mentioned that reading does?

Do you disagree with anything said above?

Let us all know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Reading Is the Key to Learning”

  1. I suspect I was a little like you – lucky in that reading was just what everyone did, so I did too! I was far too young to understand all the many benefits; I simply enjoyed stories. It is easier, as you say, to be passively entertained/educated – and we are lucky to have those options too. But even a great film can’t capture the depth of a good book.

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