Cover Reveal

I had a different post in mind for today, but then I got the cover from my publisher so thought I’d let you see it instead.

This is the second prequel to The Wolves of Vimar series and tells how Carthinal came to be a mage in spite of his tragic childhood.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the cover.

I would be interested to hear what you think of it? Do you like it or not? The mage on the front has longish auburn hair, as has Carthinal. One person in the book tells him to get it cut, so of course he’s all the more determined not to do so!

I’ll let you know as soon as I know when it’s out, but at the moment it’s out of my hands.

I also got the information that the first prequel, Jovinda and Noli, is now available in bookstores. That’s great news.

This one tells about Carthinal’s parents. How they met and about their tragic love affair. Of course, Carthinal’s birth is part of it. The ISBNs are below.

9781034257639 (6×9 Dust Jacket Premium Hardcover)

9781034257622 (5×8 Dust Jacket Premium Hardcover)

9781034178323 (6×9 Large Print Hardcover)

9781034178316 (6×9 Large Print Softcover)

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