Trouble on the high seas (well, canals, anyway)

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Ian Hutson is having a bit of trouble with the authorities. It seems, that unlike the rest of us who have to stay put, those on a canal boat have to move!

He has to prove he’s move the correct amount and to do so must show pictures of where he’s been. He has produced a number of pictures, showing how silly that idea is in this day and age.

It ought to be said, just so that it is noted, dire pandemic utterances from government notwithstanding, not even withsitting, that like other folk, I do not simply move my boat until C&RT cry ‘Halt! That’s enough for today’, then moor up and then stay inside peering out of some letterbox arrangement like a pair of disembodied, deranged, bloodshot eyes. No. I too need exercise and shopping and water and gazunders and suchlike. Like everyone else, I do get off the boat once moored up, once in a while. Moving my boat from neighbourhood to neighbourhood means, if it means nothing else, that my four or five mile daily “stay sane (ish)” walks must be taken in ever-changing neighbourhoods, with ever-changing people and ever-changing arrangements. In the more ordinary course of more ordinary World Events that would be fun fun fun, but in the Current Displeasantness it’s hardly the spirit of the whole Stay Safe thing, eh?

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3 thoughts on “Trouble on the high seas (well, canals, anyway)”

  1. Thank’ee most kindly – I am debating on whether a trip to Mars may be in order next week. Sometime before April I must get the Cardinal to the Centre of The Earth and back, too – before the dinosaurs all become extinctly distinct. 😉

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  2. British humor and satire at its best! Love the pictures! Thanks from the Other Side of the Pond! RJ in New Mexico (where we barely have water much less canals for traveling and living on!) USA


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