a double advantage

As a special offer to you, my wonderful readers. I’m offering not one, but two free ebooks. The offer is from Sunday 25th April to Thursday 29th April inclusive. Don’t miss this.

The first is Wolf Moon, part 3 of The Wolves of Vimar series. If you’ve read part 1 and 2, this is an offer not to be missed.

Here’s the blurb.

The group called Wolf have been enlisted into the Erian Army against their will, and they soon learn that an invasion is planned into their homeland of Grosmer.

As the heroes make their escape, they accidentally stumble upon an old underground city. The shy inhabitants try to keep them there as they do not want to become involved in the world outside their hidden caves.

Can they persuade these secretive people to allow them their freedom and help prevent a war?

Facing enemies on all sides, the five must find where their loyalties lie, and save their homeland from certain destruction.

You can get this book by clicking here,

The other book I’m offering you is The Stones of Fire and Water, book 2 of the Elemental Worlds duo.

And here’s the blurb for this one.

Pettic is the friend of the Crown Prince of Ponderia. The Prince has disappeared and a doppleganger put in his place. Pettic needs to find a gem in each of the 4 elemental worlds. In book 1 he has discovered the gems of the worlds of Terra (earth) and Aeris (air). Now he needs to find the gems of Ignis (fire) and Aqua (water) before he can rescue the prince.

In these worlds he meets with strange people and dragons. How can he find the gems without any clues? And can he find his friend before a false prince is crowned king? Which of the two young men is the rightful prince? Who can help discover who is the true heir?

You can get this book by clicking here.

The Stones of Fire and Water, and also Book 1. The Stones of Earth and Air, are also available as audiobooks and both books are also available in most formats.

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4 thoughts on “a double advantage”

      1. Now, that’s even more interesting! My publisher wouldn’t offer books at an discount, ever, which is one reason that I gave up and went indie. You’re lucky that your publisher is open to promoting. 🙂

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