Wolf Moon on offer

What if some of your friends have been captured by an old enemy and taken to the capital city of the country you are in. What if the enemy is now searching for you and your friends who remain with you?

This is what happened to Asphodel and her friends.

Hiding in a cave from a thunderstorm with the searchers getting too close for comfort. They find a crack in the back of the cave. This is their only way out as the enemy is nearly at the entrance.

Imagine their amazement when the crack leads to a large cave with dwellings in it. The inhabitants are not unfriendly, but insist they must remain in the cave and not leave.

How can Asphodel and her friends escape a lifetime of living in the dim cave, virtual prisoners?

This is the story to be found in Wolf Moon, Book 3 of The Wolves of Vimar series. From tomorrow, 25th May, for 5 days only, the ebook will be available for only 0.99 ($ or £).

Get your copy by clicking on the cover in the sidebar or clicking on this link, which will take you to Amazon where you are.

If you take advantage of this offer, I would be delighted if you could post an honest review. It is important to both readers and authors to have reviews. They help readers make a decision as to whether the book is one they would like, and helps authors to understand what it is readers want from them.

The Wolves of Vimar series, and all my other books are available in most formats, including some in Audio. Click on the book cover in the sidebar to go to Amazon where you are.

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