i need your help

I am completely stuck for a title for my latest novella in the Prequels to the Wolves of Vimar. The working title is Aspholessaria, which is the name of the protagonist, but as I don’t thing it’s very memorable, nor easy to spell putting it in a search engine, I don’t think I’ll go with it.

Of course, Aspholessaria isn’t known by that name, especially in the Human lands. (She’s an elf) Humans know her as Asphodel but that name could be misconstrued as a book about the flower, so I’ve rejected that.

I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone who wants to read it, but roughly it goes like this. She runs away from home with her lover in order to escape an arranged marriage. Of course it all goes wrong and she has to escape her lover. She ultimately finds herself in Bluehaven where she joins the priesthood of Sylissa, goddess of life and healing, and begins training to become a healer.

For various reasons she falls foul of the Great Mother in the temple when she follows her conscience rather than the rules.

I have a few ideas that I’m not really satisfied with and would like your opinion. Here are the ideas I’ve had.

From Darkness to Light

Dream of an Elf Maid

The Voice in the Air

Lady of the Healing Goddess

Priestess of Sylissa

Consequences of Conscience.

Which, if any, of these titles appeals to you? Of course, if you have a brilliant idea, please let me know.

Please put your thoughts in the comments box.

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9 thoughts on “i need your help”

  1. I like “Dream of an Elf Maid” the best because it immediately alerts the reader to the main character and teases with a bit of intrigue using the word “Dream.” However, if “Dream” doesn’t quite capture the overall nature of the story, then maybe something else more on target followed by “of an Elf Maid,” which is the part of the title I like most. Good luck! RJ

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    1. Thanks for your input. I think Dream is suitable because it’s about, in the first instance, her romantic dream of a wonderful life with her lover, which, of course turns into a nightmare, then, her dream of becoming a healer.
      Yes, I think I’ll probably go with that. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.


    1. Thanks for your input, Geoff. This has been the hardest one to decide. The others I’ve suddenly had a bolt from above with the title, but this time the god of titles has gone to sleep.


  2. I am terrible at coming up with titles! Yes, that’s not helpful, but maybe add something in there like “rogue” or a play on words. *brainstorming* rogue healer rogue conscience rogue priestess…hopefully that will at least inspire some titles for you!


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