Medieval Name Generators

This post from Nicholas Rossis will be invaluable to writers of historical fiction. Especially of early ages.

You may recall my previous posts on naming your characters (Old Anglo-Saxon Character NamesFree Online Character Name Generators, and Naming your Characters the Easy Way).

There is now a new character naming tool on Reedsy, the Medieval Name Generator

If you’re struggling to come up with your own medieval name, that’s what this medieval name generator is for. Having stood the test of time, these medieval names now stand at the ready for your use.

9 thoughts on “Medieval Name Generators”

    1. I hope it helps. I use these sites for my historical fiction to find names. I can hardly have a Viking Warrior called Gary or Wayne, can I? Or a Roman soldier called Dave.
      For my fantasy books I often use the technique of thinking of 2 names, and blending the first part of one with the second part of another. Hence Davrael (David and Michael) and Helzel (Helen and Hazel).


        1. I think Davrael is my best from that method.
          Another rather random thing I do is strike keys on my keyboard (almost) at random. That’s how I came up with Almoro, younger son of King Gerim of Grosmer.
          Sometimes the names suggest themselves, like Carthinal, that jumped into my head as soon as I form the character.

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        2. And some characters seem to grow into the name. That happened with Almoro. I came up with that as a place holder, originally, but when I came to choose a ‘right’ name for hom, I realized that, in fact, Almoro was the right name.

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