I’m Angry and Anxious.

I recently bought a new tablet to replace my very old iPad. I decided I would like to use it on occasion to do some writing, and so decided to add Google docs and Dropbox. What a mistake!

I had Dropbox on my pc and used it as a backup to save my work. I decided to add my copies of my books mainly, and what I’m working on as well. Dropbox then uploaded EVERYTHING on my pc. Documents and pictures, then told me I had no free space left and needed to purchase more.

Well, I thought, that’s easily sorted. I’ll delete the photos. I’ve got them saved on an external drive as well as my pc. so I began to do so. Imagine my horror when I found out Dropbox was also deleting them from my pc and everywhere else!

Get rid of Dropbox, then. So I uninstalled it from both tablet and pc, but I still get messages that I need to upgrade! What’s going on?

The trouble is that I’ve now deleted the free story I was giving to subscribers to my email list, so they can’t get the story. (I forgot I was sending them there to get it.)

Then I decided to use OneDrive. That’s fine, but it seems it also wants to delete from everywhere. Isn’t it possible to delete only from the cloud and not from all devices? And what has happened to my files I thought I’d deleted on Dropbox? If they’re telling me I need more space, they must be somewhere in their servers.

I wonder if Google’s cloud service is the same?

It’s not good enough, and a bit scary!

8 thoughts on “I’m Angry and Anxious.”

  1. A lot of people LOVED Dropbox. I also found it to delete from everywhere. I still rename any file “Mickey” to delete. I didn’t trust dropbox not to let anyone into my files and deleted it and cannot bring myself to use another one.

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    1. I liked it until I installed it on my tablet. That’s when it decided to save everything–documents and pictures. I’ve never saved pictures online, and so why did it do that? Also I only wanted certain documents saved. i.e those I’m working on just in case my pc crashed. Then, having uploaded everything, it informed me I needed to buy more space. I was forced to save everything onto an external drive before deleting.
      Eventually I uninstalled Dropbox from both my tablet and my pc. Serves them right. The very least they should have done was ASK before saving.


  2. I use Dropbox too, Viv, and it always syncs across devices – it’s a selling feature. As long as the files are named the same, they shouldn’t take up more space. The latest verson should just save over the older one. I’d use a thumb drive if you want a working copy that you upload later and save as your master copy, but to me that feels risky. Good luck figuring it out. What a pain.

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    1. The thing I’m annoyed about is it uploading every single document and picture I had on my pc without me asking it to. Then when I wanted to delete some, it wanted to delete from my pc as well as Dropbox. And now I’ve uninstalled Dropbox from all my devices, I think the files are still in the Dropbox server somewhere as it still contacts me to say I need more storage and that it’s stopped synching.

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