My TBR Pile. A Poem

D. Wallace Peach, who blogs at, has posted a writing challenge. The challenge involves writing about all books someone has and hasn’t had time to read. In other words, their To Be Read (TBR) pile.

Here’s my effort.

My TBR Pile

TBR—to be read.

A pile of books beside my bed.

Now ebooks have arrived and so

On Kindle now, my books do go.

But Kindle just goes on and on

To fill it you are never done.

Books to improve myself are there,

To live my life without a care.

Books to improve my language skill.

(I am hoping that they will.)

I can escape this world and go

To another one, although

It might be a dystopian one.

One that’s scary, not much fun

I’ll live the lives of those who’ve gone;

I’ll solve a murder, live like a nun.

I’ll kill the dragon, love the child,

Cry with the forsaken, run with the wild.

Adventures wait, all on that pad

And more are added, good and bad.

Will I get time to read them all?

Not if I keep buying more.

I welcome your comments. Please add them to the comments box.

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