Review of Kor’Thank, Barbarian Girl by Kent Wayne


I enjoyed this ridiculous concept of a story. It was a fun romp through a mixture of scifi and fantasy.


On a parallel Earth similar to ours, a barbarian king and an evil cheerleader switch bodies, threatening to destabilize the entire multiverse. That’s just the tip of the adolescent iceberg—in the race against time to set things right, teen genius Peter and master strategist Eun face off against a world-devouring monster.

Tons of profanity. Idiot demon-jocks. Copious psychedelics. An airborne kiss at three hundred miles per hour, dangling from the back of a mushroom-shaped mecha.

This is the high school experience you’ve always wanted. But more importantly, it’s the high school experience you so richly deserve.


Bodies switched between a barbarian leader on a parallel world and a cheerleader on Earth. Two teens who have the knowledge to switch them back. And a demi-god who appears as various things from a dog to a bicycle to a supercar to a…
The stability of the universe is at stake, and unless Peter and Eun can defeat an evil demi-god and an equally evil company, that’s the end of everything.
I don’t want to say more, except that I loved the velociraptor steeds of the barbarians. (except for a couple of occasions when Mr Wayne mentions them rearing. Since velociraptors are two-legged creatures, I found that I could not conceive of this idea,)


The characters are fun and varied. Eun is the strategist behind the operation, and Peter the scientist. I loved Kor’Thank, the barbarian leader, who found himself in the body of a teenage girl. His reaction to this was interesting. As was the reaction of Holly, the girl cheerleader who ended up in Kor’Thank’s body. But she became more nasty and evil.
The characters did change throughout the story, adapting to their circumstances—Kor’Thank for the better, and Holly for the worse. I don’t want to say more.


The writing was good. Very few things that irritated me.


I give the book 4*.
If you’ve read anything else by Mr Wayne, you will find this very different.
Although it is about teenagers, I would not recommend it for teens to read. There is much swearing and some sex.
It is a fun read.

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8 thoughts on “Review of Kor’Thank, Barbarian Girl by Kent Wayne”

  1. That book sounds wild, Viv. I think it must be hard to pull off zany stories like this, but it seems that Wayne has done a good job. Thanks for the review and the recommendation. And thank you for the note too! You’re very kind. 🙂 ❤

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    1. I like to review the books I read. As a writer myself, I understand the importance of reviews.
      I read Kent Wayne’s Echo books. They are distopian novels, and very different. Excellent books if you like that sort of thing. Quite violent in places, though, and as it deals with soldiers, some colourful language.

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