This month is National Reading Group Month.

October is National Reading Group Month.

If you are a member of a reading group, would you like to share with us what your group is reading?

I would be interested in what you have to say about reading groups.

  1. Do you think they are helpful? If so, in what way?

2. How does your group choose the books you are going to read?

3. How long do you have to read it before you meet to discuss it?

4. Do you meet and discuss parts of the book?

5. What kind of things do you talk about when you meet?

6. Are there any groups that specialise in particular genres; for example, historical fiction, women’s literature, science fiction, literary etc.

If you aren’t in a reading group, perhaps you could tell us something about your favourite genre, and what is your favourite book?

I’m not in a reading group. However, I enjoy fantasy, historical fiction and science fiction. Having said that, there are many books not in those sections that I enjoy.

As to my favourite books. Well, that’s a difficult one. It might well be the last book I read, provided it’s not dire!

I really enjoyed reading the latest book by Diana Wallace Peach, The Necromancer’s Daughter. You can read my review of it in last Monday’s post.

Miserichorde by Cynthia A. Morgan is another fantasy I’ve enjoyed recently. You can read my review here.

Of course there is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. A brilliant series. The characters really gripped me. It is currently being filmed by Amazon and screening on Prime. I’ve not reviewed any of these books, but be assured, they are excellent.

I enjoyed Down to the Needle, by Mary Deal, too. Another talented writer. This is a gripping tale of a woman’s search for her daughter, and her fight to save her from execution. My review is here.

Shadow Stalker series by Renee Scattergood is another good fantasy series (my review of book 2 is here.) as is The Secret of Excalibur and the other Excalibur books by Sahara Foley. (My review of Book 2, the Revenge of Excalibur is here.)

Please answer in the comments box.

And while I’m at it, Jealousy of a Viking is now available as an audiobook. Here is something of what the narrator, Ink Arnadine, said about it.

I am absolutely loving the book and have read on to chapter 20 in the guise of ‘prep’ but honestly, it’s because I am loving the story! These are the signs of a really enjoyable, great read and it’s a real pleasure (and honour) to have the opportunity to narrate it.

I like your writing, the flow is elegant and informative and utterly compelling. Absolutely fab. Your amazing narrative flow is the absolute backbone of this story.

You really are a great writer and although this is only the second book of yours I have read, I am keen to add more to my recreational reading list! There is an honesty of emotion and emotional strength in your writing that I absolutely adore.

If you would like to listen, here are the links.

UK audio and US audio

Or if you prefer to read it, follow this link and it will take you to where you can buy it from your favourite supplier.


7 thoughts on “This month is National Reading Group Month.”

  1. It’s always interesting to find out how Brits and Yanks have different terms for the same thing. One of my favorites is the Brit “bum” for Yank “butt”! Bum sounds a little more gentle so I generally prefer it. Anyway, this posting brought up another one. We call these groups “book clubs” instead of “reading groups.” For a moment, I thought a reading group was a bunch of people reading different parts of story/dialogue like readers’ theatre. Hah! But your questions made it clear what was meant. It is a dream of mine for a book club to adopt me, read my books and then invite me to a question and answer session about the books, themes, how I came up with the story, etc. I did have a little club adopt me for a while but they were into different genres than what I wrote, so it didn’t last. Oh well, one can only hope. RJ Mirabal πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes, RJ. I used the term ‘Reading Group’ because that’s what the net came up with, and I assume the National refers to the US, anyway. (Most of the net is US based anyway.) Most of my readers appear to be in the US, too.

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  2. I belonged to a reading group for a short time, Viv. It was over a decade ago before I moved. I really loved it because it was social, face to face, meeting at each other’s houses. We each got to pick a book (whatever we wanted as long as it was a stand-alone under 400 pgs.). We met once a month and the book-picker hosted, as well as led the discussion and kept us on track. You’ve made me want to start one up again. Great post.

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