Autumn in Sussex. A Poem

I’m currently away in Southern Spain for a week and so I’m reblogging a poem I wrote some time ago. I hope you enjoy it.

The Downs are wreathed in mist, like smoke
From a dying fire.
The leaves are turning red and gold
Like flames upon a pyre.

Spring’s little lambs are grown to sheep
The swallows they have flown.
The blossoms that the summer brought
Their petals all have thrown.

Now autumn’s bounty fills the woods,
The hedgerows are ablaze
With hips and haws in colours bright
The senses to amaze.

The smoke from wood fires fills the air,
The scent of autumn true.
The autumn sun is cooler now
And mornings filled with dew.

The cobwebs shine with dewdrops bright.
The spider in her lair
Thinks nothing of the rainbow hue
That scatters in the air.

And children kick the fallen leaves
As laughingly they run
To gather conkers, shiny brown,
Gleaming in the sun.

We gather blackberries from the hedge
And apples from on high.
Up in the tree they ripen now
To turn into a pie.

But autumn sometimes has a kick
And the rain it lashes down.
The wind, it howls within the eaves
And through the trees doth moan.

This poem is in the poetry book I submitted to my publisher some time ago. I’m still waiting to hear if and when the book will be published. I’ll let you know when it becomes available.


11 thoughts on “Autumn in Sussex. A Poem”

  1. I love fall! It’s the sweet spot between the heat of summer and the cold of winter with beautiful colors and maturing plants that have one last fling before all go to sleep until spring. And it’s nice, too, to need neither heat nor cooling in our homes! Our high mountains in New Mexico are covered in stunning colors of yellow from the aspen along with reds and oranges from the maple and oak bushes. Along the rivers, cottonwood are a blast of bright yellow.

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    1. Here in the UK we don’t seem to have the reds and oranges you do in the US. Only in gardens where people have planted ‘foreign’ trees.
      But my flowers are having a last go, too.


      1. That’s interesting because I thought everyone got all the colors! There are a variety of native plants and exotics we have that present the colors. If I can send or post a couple of pictures, I’ll give you a sample. 😎

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