Leila. A Cat poem.

I wrote a doggy poem not long ago and Geoff Le Pard commented ‘What next? A Kitty ditty?’

Well, I didn’t want to write one similar to the doggy one, so I wrote this about my daughter’s cat.


Someone said, ‘ Does your daughter own a cat?’

I answered, ‘Not at all, but a cat owns her.’

The puss is named Leila, and if on her chair you sat

She sits at your feet and gives a hard stare.

A pretty cat, she has long tabby fur

But is not very sociable, not liking people much.

But on my daughter’s lap you can hear her purr

As she delights in my daughter’s touch.

One day my daughter’s husband sat on her chair.

This annoyed Leila so she got her own back.

She sat on the Sky box, which he thought unfair

As she glared at him with a look so black


She runs the whole family with an iron rod

But the rod is set in a velvet paw.

She knows in ancient Egypt she’d have been a god

And that  knowledge is enough for her.

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6 thoughts on “Leila. A Cat poem.”

  1. Oh, those cats! They have a way of taking over a household. Who says they’re just a small-brained, slightly reformed predator? What does that make us who kowtow to their every whim?!?

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  2. This is a sweet poem which made me smile, Vivienne. I am, as you know, a dog owner of many years. However, I also like cats, although I must confess that I have a preference for dogs. But please don’t tell Leila the cat about that or she may eat my top hat!

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