A Book – A Dream – A Reality?

Some thoughts from Aurora Jane Alexander.
The quote applies to everything, though, not just writing, although Aurora talks specifically about writing.

Writer's Treasure Chest

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When I read this quote, I remembered all these people telling me about their plans and dreams to become an author ‘one day’.

When they find out I’m an author, I suddenly hear: “Oh, I ALWAYS wanted to write a book if I only had more time!” My reply usually is: “Well, it needs a bit more than only time to write a book… like a plan, a plot, an outline, character sheets, character voices, character development, knowing the craft, editing, an editor, a cover designer, a publisher, networking… AND TALENT!” The regular reaction to this bravery is generally a more or less polite excuse and the welcome departure of my conversation partner.

But there are a few people I met who dream of becoming an author and have the time but not the courage to write that book. and to them, I’d like to show…

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5 thoughts on “A Book – A Dream – A Reality?”

    1. I thought that was a great response, too.
      It’s strange how people respond. A friend
      said her granddaughter wanted to write children’s books. (A thing I think is extremely hard.) I said that I could perhaps help with advice on some things, not the writing. She never mentioned it again.

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