WAR. A Poem.

It is a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Can’t understand it. Here’s a poem. !


Why must humans go to war?

What do they hope to gain?

I think that most of us deplore

That it started again.

Why do the leaders think it’s right

For many folk to die?

And make people resort to flight

And bid their homes goodby?

Two world wars in years long past

Brought much pain and grief.

The numbers dead were so vast

It is beyond belief

That it could all begin again

With Russia entering Ukraine


3 thoughts on “WAR. A Poem.”

  1. You state the essential tragedy and pointlessness of this war in simple, straightforward words. Too bad the war can’t be ended in such a plain-spoken and honest way! Humanity has learned a lot but this kind of egotistic, tribal-minded idiocy escapes solution–so far!

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