10 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

  • I recently passed my Grade 5 piano exam.
  • I love growing plants from collected seeds. I collected fallen tree seeds in Amiens and have loads of little baby trees coming up. Don’t know what to do with them!
  • I make all my own cards—birthday, wedding, birth congratulations, Christmas.
  • I enjoy walking in the countryside. I live in an area that is good for that. Both hills and flat areas.
  • I like cooking and baking. I have written a recipe book which includes many very old recipes from my grandmother, dated 1909.
  • I don’t enjoy housework, although it has to be done.
  • I learned to tat when I was at school. It’s a dying art. We moved to a new school and the cookery rooms weren’t finished, so we did craft instead. The teacher offered to teach us to tat. I and my friends took her up on it.
  • I have been using computers since the very first pcs came out. It was called a PET and we still have it, although it no longer works. This was in 1979.
  • I hate crowds and cities, although I didn’t used to worry about it. I prefer the countryside.
  • My family has farming roots. Dairy farming. My sister was still farming until last year.

What is interesting about you that we didn’t know? Let us know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “10 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Me.”

  1. Thank you for these 10 interesting facts about you, Vivienne. Its fascinating to gain a little more knowledge about the person behind the books.

    As a child my family owned a caravan in north Wales. We had to run the portable television on a car battery and the reception would go haywire whenever anyone passed by the TV! We ran the cooker and heating system using gas in a cylinder, and I remember collecting water from a standpipe!

    As a boy I remember being leant a robot which you could ask questions of. My recollection is somewhat hazy but I seem to remember that you inserted some kind of cassette into the machine in order to make it work.

    Like many other blind/visually impaired people I was taught to touch type and I still recall getting my fingers dirty handling the carbon paper! I was (and am) heavy handed which meant I was not good when using an electronic typewriter. I was, however a competent user of manual machines and for many years owned a portable typewriter until I dropped it and it went to the great typewriter heaven in the sky.

    I now use Job Access with Speech (JAWS) which converts text into speech and braille enabling me to use a Windows computer. However, when I first learned to use computers the machine I used had no access software, consequently I was both literally and metaphorically typing blind and getting the sighted trainer to check what I typed.

    Best wishes. Kevin

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