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An update on Jealousy of a Viking.

I’m almost ready to take the big decision whether to send it to Next Chapter, who have published my other books, or to take a gamble and self-publish. Part of me says ‘go for it’, but the other part says ‘No, play it safe.’ I might end up tossing a coin!

Anyway, I think it’s about time I told you a bit about this book.

Helgha is a descendant of Adelbehrt from Vengeance of a Slave. Her mother is the one who has him as an ancestor, and her father is a Viking, come to England with the Great Heathen Army in 865. Helgha is their eldest child.

One day, when she is foraging in the forest, she meets a lost young man, Erik. His horse has been injured and cannot be ridden, and so he leaves it at Helgha’s home and borrows one. Helgha becomes infatuated with the young man, and he her. He visits a number of times.

Helgha’s father challenges Erik as to his intentions. Erik admits his father will not countenance a marriage as Helgha is of a lower class and he must marry someone who can bring influence. Helgha’s father challenges Erik to a duel, and Erik kills him.

On the spur of the moment, Erik grabs Helgha and takes her with him to his home in Jorvik (York).

Everything is fine until Erik marries the woman his father has chosen for him, then the trouble starts. Both women are jealous of each other. This jealousy leads to accusations and a bleak future for Helgha.

Here is something about the first book in the series that follows a family through the ages.

Also available as an audio book


Adelbehrt and his sister, Avelina, are taken by the Romans from their home in the Rhinelands when they are very young children. When they are sold as slaves and taken to distant Britannia, Adelbehrt vows that one day he will escape and take revenge on the Romans. But escape is not so easy. Nor is taking on the might of Rome. How can Adelbehrt achieve his desire to exact revenge on the Roman army? And will he be destroyed by his hatred?

The next book in this series, which follows Adelbehrt’s descendants through the ages, will be available later next year. It takes the family into the Viking Era of Britain.

There are dragons and magic in the world if only you look for them… V.M. Sang

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