An Interview with Mabryl, a character from The Wolf Pack.

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This month has 5 Tuesdays in it and so we have an extra blog. I have decided to do an interview with Mabryl, Carthinal’s mentor in The Wolf Pack for this extra Tuesday. Those of you who are reading my installments will know who he is.

Mabryl Interview

I encountered Mabryl one day as I was walking through Bluehaven. I had heard of his adoption of the promising young mage, Carthinal and I decided to ask him a few questions for the local newssheet, The Bluehaven Herald. Here is the result of my interview.

Me: How did you come to meet with Carthinal?

Mabryl: He was part of a feral gang of children when I met him. In fact, I think he was their leader. I spotted him first watching a young mage in the market place. He was obviously looking for someone’s pocket to pick in the crowd watching the mage when he suddenly stopped and seemed quite taken by the display.

Me: I didn’t know mages gave public displays of magic.

Mabryl: It’s not usual, but sometimes if an apprentice fails the test, they will become entertainers using what little they know. It impresses the public and does no harm.

Me: Why did you take an interest in Carthinal?

Mabryl: I didn’t at the time. It was only later that I saw his potential. As I rounded a corner I spotted him in an alley. He didn’t see me, and I noticed that he was trying to copy the movements and sounds of the simple spells the mage had done. I stood watching him for a bit, not expecting anything to happen, when suddenly a flame rose from his finger. It was only fleeting, but it told me that the boy was exceptional. Very few can master anything without considerable training, and yet here was a boy who had only watched a performance yet had managed to twist the mana to make a very small, short lived flame.

Me: What did you do?

Mabryl: I approached the boy carefully; he was one of the criminal classes after all. I spoke quietly and told him I would like to train him in magic as he obviously had some talent. He backed away, believing that I was trying to capture him for the guard, swore most foully, and told me to go and leave him alone. Of course, I couldn’t leave such a talent, but to try to force him would be counterproductive and so I left him there and went on my way.

Me: When did you meet him again?

Mabryl: I sought him out after that. He was still very suspicious. Eventually I decided to let his curiosity work for me. He still tried to get the little cantrip right, but couldn’t get more than the fleeting flame I’d already seen. I told him I’d train him if he came to my house.

After a few weeks, he came and stood outside. I bided my time and didn’t approach him, but opened the door for him to enter if he wished. It was like trying to capture a shy and wild animal. However, eventually he came in and asked me to teach him.

Me: Was he a difficult pupil?
Mabryl: Difficult isn’t in it. He was wild and found the discipline necessary for the practice of magic almost beyond him. He wanted to learn everything at once too. First of all, before any magic could be learned, he had to learn to control himself. We both found that a difficult task.

Me: How long did it take to tame him?

Mabryl: I’m not sure I have, even now. He still has his temper. He’s also still too fond of the girls. He’s so attractive that they find it hard to resist him. I’ve tried to instil some sense of right and wrong in him, but I’m not sure how far it’s penetrated. I’ve told him he shouldn’t toy with the feelings of young girls though. I only hope it’s penetrated somewhat.

Me: You had high hopes for him at first. Do you still feel the same?

Mabryl: Yes I do. He must learn to control himself more, of course if he is to become as great a mage as he is capable. He has an instinct with the mana. He’s one of the rare few who can actually see it when he is weaving it.

Me: I believe you have adopted him.

Mabryl: Yes. I’ve never married and have no heirs. I’ve grown very fond of Carthinal. In spite of his faults he’s a very personable young man with plenty of charisma. He’ll inherit everything I have when Kalhera calls me and I leave this life.

Me: Thank you.

Mabryl: It was my pleasure.


Dragons Fly. A Poem by V.M.Sang

This week I’m posting one of my own poems. I hope you like it.





Dragons fly
Soaring high
Tiny specks up in the sky.

Dragons swoop
And loop the loop
Then come together in a group.

Dragons dive
Up there they thrive.
They all love to be alive.

Dragons flame.
It’s just a game
They are wild, they are not tame.

Dragons play
Above the bay.
Dangerous beauty. Do not stay!


If you liked this poem, please let me know in the comments section.

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My review of Winter’s Captive by June Bourgo



Recently separated from a cheating husband, a pregnant Georgia leaves her home to spend a month with a childhood friend in Yukon Territory. Her stay takes an abrupt turn when she is kidnapped by bank robbers. She escapes into a vast area of north western British Columbia, known as ‘the last frontier’. Against all odds, Georgia is forced to make decisions to endure the cold, harsh winter. Will she make the right choices to not only ensure her survival but that of her unborn child?



I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The character of Georgia captured me and I followed her every move with interest. I enjoyed watching her grow as she faced her ordeal in the wilderness.

Her husband left her pregnant and after a terrifying ordeal, Georgia finds herself faced with an even more terrifying experience—giving birth alone in the wilderness. She finds the strength to survive through a surprising means and grows both spiritually and emotionally.

This is not the kind of book I usually read, but I found that it is one of those books that you want to keep reading to know what happens next, but don’t want to finish. I am glad to se that June V. Bourgo is writing more books about Georgia. I am anxious to see how she continues her spiritual and emotional growth.

This book has a lot to teach its readers about spirituality, and I have learned a lot from reading it.

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5 more commonly confused words





I’ve got myself all out of sync. The Wolf Pack Chapter 7 should have been today and this should have been next week. Don’t know how that happened. Still, I’ll get back to normal next month, I hope.

Since I started writing about these words, more and more are coming to my notice. I suppose it’s because I’m now looking out for them. Some can be quite amusing, like in a previous blog when I talked about vicious and viscous.
A pupil wanted to say that a liquid became more VISCOUS, i.e. thicker and less runny. In fact he said it became more VICIOUS.

Here are this week’s words.

 Advise/Advice.

Advise is a verb. It is what you do. You advise someone.
e.g. I would advise you not to put all your money in the same shares.

Advice is a noun. It is what you give.
e.g. My advice to you is not to put all your money in the same shares.

 Adieu/ado.
This one I was surprised to see. It was in a blog post and the blogger said ‘And so without further adieu…’

Anyway, just in case he isn’t the only one, here’s the difference.

Adieu is French. It means Goodbye.
e.g. Well. I guess I’ll be going, so it’s adieu.’

Ado means fuss or action.
e.g. And so without further ado, we will go over to our correspondent in Washington.

 Council/Counsel

Council is an advisory or deliberative body.
e.g. The town council has decided to impose a fine for people who drop litter.

Counsel is a barrister (Queen’s counsel) or advice given.
e.g. He counselled me to think hard about what I was about to do.

 Good/Well
Good is an adjective. It describes a noun.
e.g. Jack is a good boy.

Well is an adverb. It describes a verb.
e.g. Janice did the task we set her very well.

If someone asks you how you are, unless you are saying that you are a good person, you cannot reply ‘I’m good,’ it should be ‘I’m well.’ You are describing your state of being, and ‘being’ is a verb.

 Accept/Except

Accept is what you do when you receive a gift.
e.g. When Fred gave Janet the gift, she accepted it gratefully.

Except is to exclude.
e.g. We all went to the cinema except for Judy, who was busy that evening.

I hope you have enjoyed these five further pairs of words. I hope so because I have more to come!

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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Two poems appearing in The Wolf Pack

Today I am posting some poems found by the characters in The Wolf Pack. They are prophetic poems that helped the companions find Sauvern’s Sword.

There are a number of poems appearing in this book. Some are in the language of the Elves’



Prophecy found by Carthinal

When Kalhera descends from the mountains,
And orcs once more roam the land,
When impossible beasts occur
And the never-dying man is once more at hand.
Then the Sword that was lost must once more be found;
Only it can destroy the threat
And kill the immortal mortal
To balance out his debt.


Clue found by Asphodel and Fero
To the whereabouts of Sauvern’s Sword

Deep in the forest lies the tomb
Protected from all evil.
Sauvern lies as in the womb,
Safe from man or devil.

His Sword is resting by his side
Awaiting call to action.
When danger lurks on every side
You need the Sword’s reaction.

But first, 6? 8? questers bold must go
To Sauvern’s tomb, surrounded
By Guardians strong, no fear must show
Or from there they will be hounded.

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Thoughts on the Paris atrocities.



I was greatly shocked and saddened by the events in Paris on Friday. I am afraid that I cannot understand the mentality of these people who think it is right to kill and maim in the name of their God.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about these in the last two days and have decided to put some of my thoughts down. I am also publishing early as it is pertinent right now. My usual blog will now be a week on Tuesday and will be a sample of my writing.

Firstly, I could not understand how Isil, Isis, Islamic State or whatever they call themselves, could not see how their actions hardened the thoughts of people against them and provoked hatred for Islam, but then on Sunday I read a comment from a friend of a friend on Facebook. He said that Isis is doing this in order to deliberately provoke an Islamaphobic backlash so that they can say they are in a war. Or perhaps they want to actually provoke a war, but to what end? Do they really think they can win with most of the world against them?

Having said that, I still cannot understand how people can believe the lies told by these people. Firstly, they are fighting against people who worship the same God, whatever they call Him, Allah, God, Yahweh, Jehovah etc. They even look upon Jesus as a prophet. Do they really think that God would like them to kill other people who already worship Him, albeit in a different way? Would it not be more acceptable in the eyes of the Deity to have people come to Him in belief rather than being killed with no attempt at conversion?

Christians, Jews and Muslims are all Children of the Book. Jews and Muslims both trace their ancestry back to Abraham. Moses is in both the Bible and the Quran, hence the 10 commandments also. There are a few differences in these between the Old Testament and the Quran. To me, it seems that the Quran elaborates more. Now one of the Old Testament commandments says ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ It leaves it at that and says no more about it. The Quran, on the other hand says that one should not ‘…take life, which God has made sacred—except for just cause.’

It seems to me that the extremists have taken that and said that killing Christians and Jews is a just cause. However, the Quran goes on to add ‘…unless it be for murder or spreading mischief in the land.’ Allah, therefore says that murder is wrong. It goes on to say that unjust killing of an innocent person is wrong also. Were those people out on a Friday night, at the end of a long week at work, not innocent? How many of them had committed murder or ‘spread mischief  in the land?’

The Quran states that Christians and Jews are ‘People of the book’ and are in the ranks of the righteous…for them is a reward with their Lord. This does not seem to say that killing Christians and Jews is right.

Now I am not an Muslim, and therefore only know what I read in books and on the Internet about the Quran. If I am wrong in any of my statements above, I am willing to stand corrected, but I do know many Muslims that are as appalled as most of the world about these atrocities. They all say that this is a twisted form of Isla,.

I have heard it said that Christians used to be as bad, and that we went out to fight the ‘Infidel’ as we called the Muslims at the time. But that was over 600 years ago. We also had the Inquisition and tortured people into ‘belief’. We have come a long way since then and in the modern world these things are looked on as appalling. It seems that Isis wants to go back to those days of barbarism.

It is also true that the worst feuds are between close relatives. Well, it seems that is true of religions too. 3 religions that have such a lot in common and always seem to be at each other’s throats. First the Jews were  treated very badly in the Middle Ages and then, of course, the holocaust, then the Crusades in the Middle Ages waged by Christians against Muslims, now terrorism by groups like Isis.

I will just finish by again by sending my sympathy and thoughts to the people of France. They must not let these terrorists win. They must keep on doing as we British did during the Irish Troubles and get on with their lives. That’s the best answer that they can give to t he terrorists. Don’t be terrorised!

If you find any of what I have said above to be inaccurate, please let me know via the comments section.


There are dragons and magic in the world if only you look for them… V.M. Sang

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