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My latest offer to you.

This will be of necessity, rather brief, as I’m on holiday in the South of Spain, so don’t have access to pretty stuff.

Anyway, the important thing is that the ebook version of The Never-Dying Man,. Book 2 in The Wolves of Vimar series, is available from today until 20th for a mere 0.99 (£ or $ ).

I can’t understand it, but book 1, The Wolf Pack, and book 3, Wolf Moon, are creating more sales than book 2. Who buys books 1 and 3, but misses out book 2? Some important info gets missed out.

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This was a recipe in a book my mum wrote out for me when I got married. I don’t know if she gave it this name, or if it was called that when she got it.

Anyway, I think it’s well-named. It’s one of my favourite puddings and very easy to make.


220g sugar

1x20ml tablespoon butter

2x20ml tablespoons plain flour

Rind and juice of 1 lemon

250ml cup milk

2 eggs (separated)


Cream the butter and sugar together until light and creamy.

Beat the egg yolks into the creamed mixture.

Mix in the rind and juice of the lemon, flour and milk.

Beat all together.

Beat the egg whites until stiff and gently fold into the mixture.

Bake in a greased dish in a bain-marie in the oven set to 180C for about 30 minutes.

This makes a light lemony pudding with its own lemon sauce at the bottom.

Sadly, I’ve not got a picture of this pudding.

You can find this pudding as well as savouries and cakes in Viv’s Family Recipes. This little book is the culmination of many years of cooking for my family, and collecting recipes from all and sundry.

This includes a little book I got from my Grandmother. There are some accounts in the back that make interesting reading and are dated 1909.

Grandma has several recipes in it that I’ve incorporated in this book. I doubt if anyone would make them now, as they take a lot of time (2 hours steaming, for example) and many have large amounts of fat. However, I think it’s interesting to see the kinds of things people ate over 100 years ago, and how our diets have changed.

If you are interested in this kind of thing, the ebook version of Viv’s Family Recipes is on offer for a limited time only, starting today, September 1st, until Monday 6th. Only 0.99 (£ or $)

The book is also available in paperback, and in Portugese.

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When Maria and Jack move into a 16th century house, they wish to furnish it with period furniture and so they buy a table from that century.
That night, Maria hears a strange crying sound. On investigation, she finds it is coming from the table.
Fearing it might be haunted, and that they’ve brought a ghost into their home, they turn to a medium, only to find it isn’t a ghost.
If not a ghost, then what? The truth is stranger than either of them could have imagined.

Not one, but 2 books!

Apologies for being a day late with this information. I’ve just got back from holiday this morning!

From now until 29th July you can get the ebook version of Wolf Moon, Book 3 of The Wolves of Vimar, AND The Stones of Fire and Water, book 2 of Elemental Worlds for a mere 0.99 (£ or $).

Don’t miss this opportunity.

You can get the books by clicking on the title, or the cover in the sidebar.

The Stones of Fire and Water is also available as an audio book, and both are available in multiple formats. Just click the link to go to Amazon where you are.

And here is the blurb:


The group called Wolf has been enlisted into the Erian Army against their will, and they soon learn that an invasion is planned into their homeland of Grosmer.

As the heroes make their escape, they accidentally stumble upon an old Dwarven city, and become friends with them.

Facing enemies on all sides, the five must find where their loyalties lie, and save their homeland from certain destruction.

To give you a taste, here’s an extract from Wolf Moon:

On entering this large cavern, they noticed they could see, if only faintly. Looking around, dim lights glowed high on the walls of the cave.

‘They could be phosphorescent fungi,’ mused Basalt, who had experience of living deep underground, ‘or they could be some kind of creature that gives off light, like glow-worms or fireflies.’

‘Look,’ Asphodel said, pointing. ‘Those formations over there look like buildings.’

‘Perhaps they’re natural stone formations,’ Grimmaldo mused.

Basalt shook his head. ‘No, those are not natural. They’ve been built in here.’ He approached one standing closer than most of the others. ‘It looks a bit like dwarven work, but there are aspects of the building work that aren’t dwarven. At least, not modern dwarven workmanship. For a start, they’re round. Dwarves used to build round buildings centuries ago but not any more.’

‘Perhaps they’ve been here for that long. Abandoned by the dwarves who built them,’ Grimmaldo suggested.

As they walked through the buildings, though, Thadora noticed something odd. She pointed at the door of one of the houses.

‘That wood looks fresh. It’s certainly not hundreds of bleedin’ years old, Basalt.’

The dwarf frowned. ‘You’re right, there, Thadda. This wood is no more than ten years old.’

‘Then someone lives here,’ said Asphodel. ‘Perhaps they’ll show us the way out.’

Basalt frowned. ‘Something’s odd,’ he said. ‘I’ve never heard of dwarves living in the Mountains of Doom. All our race for thousands of years have lived in the Western Mountains, with a few groups in the Roof of the World. We all know of each other and are in communication. But none have ever, in all that time, been known in these mountains.’

Fero led the way towards the centre of the cavern. They walked for fifteen minutes but still no one, not even Basalt or Asphodel, could make out the far wall. As for the roof, well, that disappeared high above.

Asphodel could see no sign of life, though. When the travellers got nearer to the centre, they found dim lamps burning around the village on tall posts, giving a shadowy light. Here they noticed a dropped basket, there, a fallen vegetable. They saw dwellings here, in this part of the cavern, all built of stone or carved from the cave walls. The settlement seemed the size of a large village or small town, but where, in a village above ground there would have been a bustling population, here nothing stirred. There remained only the signs they had noticed showing that people lived in the village.

The buildings lay scattered around in seemingly random fashion. A large building with double doors lay on the left of where they entered. Not one of the buildings had any windows. They passed buildings with the appearance of houses. A couple, with open doors, had tables, chairs, and even food left. Some looked like workshops that had been left hurriedly, tools scattered around. Then they found a big open area with a large building at one side, a bit like a square in a town above ground. Even here they saw no sign of life. It looked as if everyone left hurriedly.

‘People live here, still,’ Asphodel said. ‘All these buildings show signs of recent occupation. Very recent. I wonder where they’ve gone, and why?’

‘Perhaps they think something dangerous is about to happen, like an earthquake or a volcanic eruption,’ Thadora said.

‘Or perhaps we are the danger,’ Fero pointed out. ‘After all, these people, assuming they are people, have been cut off from outside for thousands of years, if Bas is anything to go by.’

‘What do you mean “If Bas is anything to go by.” I know my people’s history.’

‘Sorry, Bas. Of course you do. What I meant is, these people might see anyone from outside as a threat. We should just sit down and wait, to show them we’re not going to harm them. A bit like you would with a wild deer. After a while, if you are quiet and still enough, they’ll come closer.’

Thadora drummed her fingers. They entered this cave what seemed to her like hours ago, and Fero told them to sit and do nothing. The seventeen-year old was not good at waiting. In her own words she had said, ‘I don’t do patience.’ when Asphodel admonished her for not sitting still.

The others all sat there with peaceful expressions on their faces, barely moving, and not talking. The girl edged slowly away from the others. No one noticed so she edged some more. Her curiosity burned in her like a flame. She really must take a look around this place.

Through the occasional door, left open, they glimpsed rooms as though they had been hurriedly left and their owners would soon return. A meal in the process of being prepared, a child’s toys scattered around, tools left where they lay in a workroom, half-finished handiwork on a chair.

The girl decided she must explore this strange place to see if she could answer the many questions running through her head. Who were these people? Why had they left so suddenly? Why did they live completely under the mountains? Why did no one know of their existence?

When they arrived in this square in the centre of the village, Fero had called a halt. He said if their approach had frightened whoever lived here, they must do nothing to antagonise them or give them reason to fear.

‘Maybe,’ he said, ‘If we indicate we are not in anyway dangerous, the people will show themselves and help us find another way out.’

Therefore, they waited. And waited. Then they waited some more. And Thadora got impatient.

Just as she rose to her knees, about to make a dive for the nearest corner, Basalt spotted her. At the same time, a movement came from the northern end of the square.

Basalt reached out and made a grab at the girl, hissing, ‘Just what do you think you’re doing?’

Because of this, they both missed the entrance of three inhabitants of the village.


After his return from Aeris with the gem of air, Pettic receives a letter from the king. He is to see Torren and rekindle their relationship.

Soon after, Torren and Pettic meet a strange man and their lives change drastically, as they’re dragged into a mystery surrounding the red dragon Monarlisk and his former mate.

But will Pettic’s magic be enough to help them finish their quest in time – and in the end, will the rightful king be crowned?

As before, a mist rose in front of Pettic and he walked into it with a little more confidence than he had the first time. The mist soon gave way to a view halfway up a mountain.

It was night here too. He looked back but could only see the cliff that he had exited. This was more difficult than the previous journey. There, he exited in a cave and there could be no mistake in the place to return through. Here there was the whole side of a cliff. He looked around for some landmarks to indicate where he had come out. He spotted a rock just ahead that looked like a dog’s head. That he committed to memory and began to walk down the mountainside.

This was a range of large mountains from what he could see. The moon was full here, too, and lending a silvery light to the scene. He could see a valley below, but not any details. Whether there was a village or town he could not make out. He tripped on a rock he had not noticed. Perhaps he should stay here on the mountain until daylight when he could see better where he was going.

It was not cold here, but there was an unpleasant smell. It was a bit like rotten eggs, he thought. He sat down and Cledo lay down next to him. The smell was not good, but a broken leg would be worse, so he lay down next to his dog to sleep.

He woke to hear the sound of creaking leather. He sat up rubbing his eyes and coughing against the smell. He thought perhaps some people had come up in leather armour and slowly opened his eyes.

What he saw astounded him. In front of him, black scales gleaming in the sun, was an enormous beast. It had two black horns protruding from its head and a mane of leathery fronds around its long neck. Its eyes were green and slit vertically, and on its back, now neatly folded, was a pair of leathery wings. It had been the sound of these wings that had woken him.
All the way from its head to the tip of its tail was a double row of spines of varying length, longer on its thorax tapering to small ones at the tip of its tail. The sound of the wings folding away had woken him.

Then the beast spoke.

‘What have we here on my mountain? A little human it would seem.’

‘Yes, I’m a human,’ said Pettic, his voice trembling, but he felt he should say something, ‘but not small by human standards.’

The beast looked startled. ‘You speak dragonish? How come you speak dragonish. Humans have never been able to speak our language before.’

‘Actually, I’m speaking my own language and we can understand each other because of this magic amulet I’m wearing.’

‘How intriguing. We dragons have magic, but no magic that can do such a thing. What kind of magician are you that can make such a thing?’

‘I’m not a magician. This was given to me by a magician on my home world.’

‘What do you mean, “your home world”?’

Pettic wondered if he should be talking to this creature. Dragons were mythological creatures on his world, like unicorns and griffins but did not actually exist. There people considered them to be evil beasts. Were these myths based on fact and were dragons evil? If so, perhaps he should not be telling this creature too much.

‘I think I may have fallen and taken a blow to the head. I really don’t know where I am,’ Pettic told the dragon. ‘Please tell me.’

‘You are on the side of my volcano, near the sacrifice stone.’ replied the dragon. ‘This valley and the one beyond are my territory. No one comes here except to sacrifice. Perhaps that’s why you’re here. Are you the sacrifice, or is it this beast with you?’

Pettic gulped. Sacrifice? This creature wanted a sacrifice and thought that he or Cledo were it. How was he going to talk his way out of this one? It would have to be talk because there was no way he and Cledo could fight this creature and win.

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Special Offer

From tomorrow, 28th November, you can get the e-book version of Vengeance of a Slave for 0.99 (pounds or dollars).

Don’t miss this chance. It’s only for 5 days until 2nd December.

This historical novel is set in Roman Britain, not long after the founding of London.

The audio version is currently 25 in Ancient History Fiction on Amazon, 

Forced to watch his father’s crucifixion and separated from his mother, orphaned six-year-old Adelbhert’s life forever changes when he is sold into slavery in Britannia.

Years of servitude fill his heart with malice and he resolves to escape, determined to rescue those he loves and deliver retribution to the Romans who wronged him.

But as new allies shed light on old perspectives, Adelbhert begins to question his path. Will he find true freedom, or allow his vengeance to consume him?

This is what people have said about the book.

R. J. Krzak, Award-Winning Author.

5.0 out of 5 stars  A Riveting Story Set in Roman Times.

Vengeance of a Slave by V.M. Sang is a riveting story set during the period when Rome controlled Britannia. Follow the trials and tribulations of Adelbhert after he and his sister are taken by the Romans from their mother. They eventually end up as slaves in what is modern-day London.

Adelbhert performs a nightly ritual to remind himself of the suffering he and his sister have endured, beginning with the crucifixion of their father. He vows to escape and punish those who have wronged him.

V.M. has created a moving story which will keep you turning the pages to find out how Adelbhert and his sister handle their new life. Experience their sorrow, anguish, and finally hope as they adapt to their changing situation. This is the first novel I’ve read of V.M.’s and it certainly won’t be the last! Well done and highly recommended!

Barbara Mojica

4.0 out of 5 stars  SLAVE OR FREE

Adelbehrt and his family live in the Roman provinces. Their simple life is suddenly turned upside down when Roman soldiers come to exact revenge for a rebellion in which they played no part.

They randomly choose men to be examples. Adelbehrd’s father is crucified. He and his sister are singled out to be sold as slaves because of their blond hair. Torn from their grieving mother, the two terrified children are carted off to a far-off villa to be enslaved.

For many years, their monotonous life continues. One day, Adelbehrd discovers that his sister is about to be sold. A friend tells him about a group of Britons who rescue slaves. Adelbehrd is determined to protect his sister and hatches a plan to escape.
Will they be successful, or will they suffer the dire consequences?

The book appears to be well researched. The plot moves along and keeps the reader’s interest. I would recommend it to those who enjoy history and intriguing characters.

If you prefer another format, the book is also available as:



large print

audio US

audio UK

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Another Promotion

I apologise, but I only just checked schedule dates. The Stones of Fire and Water, Book 2 o Elemental Worlds, is only £0.99 or $0.99 until 27th of this month! If you got Book 1 in the last promo, you might like to get Book 2 now, but HURRY. You’ve only got till Friday!

Pettic has got the gems of Earth and Air, and solved the problems of the people in order to find them. Now he has to enter the worlds of Fire and Water. what will he find? Will the worlds be composed entirely of those elements? If so, how can he manage not to be burned to a crisp or drowned? Dangers abound for the young man, and time is of the essence.