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Viv’s Family Recipes in portugese

I’ve just received an email telling me that Viv’s Family Recipes is now live in PORTUGESE.

Recietas da Familia da Viv

If you have any Portugese speaking friends, please let them know. This is more than just a recipe book. It has recipes from over 100 years ago and gives an insight into how people ate from 1909 to the present day. There are also anecdotes about the people from whom Viv received the recipes.

Click on the book title to buy. It is available from your favourite book seller.

Also, The ebook version of The Stones of Earth and Air, which has recently been released as an Audiobook, will be FREE from tomorrow until 7th July. Hurry to get this bargain before you miss it.

After the Crown Prince of Ponderia starts behaving strangely, his best friend Pettic discovers that the prince has been replaced by a doppelganger, and the real prince kidnapped.

Unable to accept the loss of his friend, Prince Torren, nor the cruel impostor to become the new king, Pettic sets on a quest to rescue the prince. After he sees the fake prince meet a mysterious man, Pettic discovers that Torren has been imprisoned in another plane of existence.

With the help of Blundo, the court magician, Pettic finds that the only way to enter this other world are with four keys, each of them associated with a different element. As Pettic sets on his seemingly impossible quest, he discovers that the four worlds that hold the keys are all vastly different… and more dangerous than he could have ever imagined.

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the Stones of fire and water is free.

After finding the gems associated with the worlds of Earth and Air, Pettic needs to enter the final two Elemental Worlds to find the gems of Fire and Water.

In these two worlds, as before, he has to preform a task to help the inhabitants before the jewel will reveal its whereabouts.

But when he has found these gems, how can he rescue his friend, the Crown Prince of Ponderia? First, though, he needs to find the two missing gems.

In Ignis, the land of fire, he finds the magical creatures are having fewer and fewer offspring. Can he help them and find out the cause? And what can he do about it?

In Aqua, the land of water, he meets merfolk who have a problem. Their leader is dying because his magic staff has been stolen. Can Pettic find this staff and the culprit before it is too late?

I am pleased to say that the same narrator who narrated the audio version of The Stones of Earth and Air has agreed to narrate this book, too. He has finished the narration, and it is now with the publisher. I hope it won’t be too long before it’s available.

In the meantime, for those of you who can’t wait, the ebook version of The Stones of Fire and Water is FREE on Amazon from tomorrow (14th June) until Thursday 18th June.

Click on the link now, before you forget or you’ll miss this opportunity.
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A simple Quiz to win an audio book

The ancient Greeks believed everything was made up of four basic elements in varying proportions. People also believed this into the middle ages, and physicians thought that sickness was caused by an imbalance in these four elements. People were treated by using substances of the other elements to rebalance the system.

Ever since Mendeleev, science has known that this is untrue, although the same name– element– has been given to these building blocks of matter.

We now know that things are much more complex than our ancestors believed, but the idea of these elements is still around, even in our language in words like choleric and phlegmatic.

In writing The Stones if Earth and Air, I used this ancient idea. There are five worlds in the book, all in different dimensions of space and time. Four are based on the four classical elements, and the fifth is an amalgamation of the others.

The Stones of Earth and Air has now been released as an audit book, I have some to give away. There are 25 for the US and 25 for the UK. This gave me a problem. Who should I give them to? I eventually came up with the idea of a quiz.

There are 2 questions. Not too difficult, really. If you answer them correctly, and send your answers to me to my email address (vivienne.sang@gmail.com) and tell me where you are (US or UK), I will send you the code to get the book.

It will be first come, first served, of course, and as there are only 25 for each country, be quick and send your answers.

The first 2 elements are in the title of the book I’m offering. What are the other 2 elements?

At some point, a fifth element was introduced. What is it called?

(Apologies if you are in a different country, but I’ve only got codes for the US and UK.)