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Mrs Vine’s Secret. A Valentine poem by my Mum.

I have been writing and publishing poetry on my blog for some time, but my Mum also wrote poetry. This is one of hers. I hope it amuses you.


The postman said to Mrs Vine

“Now who’s sent you a Valentine?”

But Mrs Vine just shook her head.

“I really cannot think,” she said.

“Whatever’s this?” her daughter cried.

“It’s many years since Father died.

You’re much too old to have a beau,

But if you have, I ought to know!”

The next door neighbour seemed quite vexed.

“A Valentine? Whatever next?

You’re a dark horse, Mrs V.

Who can this strange admirer be?”

The story spread from door to door.

“Why didn’t we find out before?

We never had the slightest sign

That someone fancied Mrs Vine.”

Questions echoed down the street.

“What sort of menfolk does she meet?

The butcher? The insurance man?

The lad who drives the grocer’s van?”

The meter-reader seems quite nice…

Some looked at their husbands twice.

Mrs Vine was most amused

To see her neighbours so confused.

And chuckled to herself with glee.

“It was well worth the thirty p.”

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