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I am delighted to welcome Charles Yallowitz, author of the Legends of Windemere, a fifteen book series, and War of Nytefall, a six book series. Two immense fantasy series that have received excellent reviews on Amazon.

Good to have you here, Charles. Would you be prepared to answer a few questions so we can get to know you better?

  1. Apart from writing, what is the thing you enjoy doing the most?

I really enjoy spending time with my son, but that’s pretty much a given. The solitary hobby I have is doing jigsaw puzzles. They help me relax after a rough day or week, so I have a corner of my room set up at all times. I end up focusing a lot on the project and figuring out what goes where, so everything that is stressing me out gets forgotten. Due to space, I can’t do more than a 1,000-piece puzzle, but that’s enough.

Yes, I would think so! I don’t think I could manage more than 1,000 pieces.

  1. If you have a ‘proper’ job, what is it?

My ‘proper’ (aka paying) job is working as a Teaching Assistant at a high school. I work with a variety of students and really feel like I’m helping people. I can always end the day satisfied if not fairly exhausted.

As an ex-teacher, I can sympathise with you on the exhaustion front. I think it’s marvellous that you’ve managed to write all those books.

  1. Why do you write?

Every time I see this question, I want to come up with a deep answer. Yet, the truth is rather simple. I write because I have stories in my head and I want to share them. I want to bring happiness, excitement, and fun to others, which is why I write with such detail. If I can get a stressed person to escape reality for even a few minutes then I’ve done my job.

I agree wholeheartedly with that, Charles. Yes, if we can help people to escape the stresses of their lives, our job is done.

  1. Do you write to music? If so, what music inspires you?

I need music on when I’m writing. This has been a habit since doing homework in school. I have a few Pandora playlists, which are typically collections of rock or alternative songs. I have another that’s anime and one for video game music, which help when I have more action-based scenes to write.

  1. A question I can’t answer, myself. Where do you get your ideas from?

I get my ideas from over there, over here, and that way. They can come from anything. Many are inspired by role-playing games I joined in the past. Others come from books, movies, television, video games, philosophical discussions, world events, and other things that strike my brain when it’s open. Best to leave myself exposed to inspiration to avoid missing any juicy ideas.

  1. Do you prefer the city or the country?

If I had to choose between the two then it would be the country because I don’t like crowded places. Ideally, I prefer small towns and suburbs. You don’t feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but you aren’t suffocating. Probably because that’s where I grew up though.

I’m with you there, Charles. I hate crowds, although when I was younger, they didn’t bother me as much.

  1. Do you enjoy sport? Do you prefer to watch or take part?

I prefer to watch sports, but it’s more for socializing. I like being around the energy that comes off people who are excited about the games. The sport I enjoy the most is football. That’s the American version and specifically NY Giants. My dad is a big fan and has been since before I was born, so I do the same. Guess being a glutton for punishment is genetic.

  1. What is your most irritating habit?

I have to decide on how mean I want to be to myself. Probably one of the core negative habits of mine is getting easily frustrated, which leads to pessimism and anxiety. It isn’t hard to push me into a downward spiral of negativity. This causes those around me to get annoyed and walk away. Not an easy habit to break too because there’s always at least one person ready to tell me how I screwed up. Those types always seem to strike faster than those with praise.

Too true. People are much more inclined to criticise than praise. I don’t know why that should be. What happened to what my grandma used to say. “If you can’t say something good, keep quiet.”

  1. What, in your opinion, is your best trait?

Without a doubt, my creativity is my best trait. It’s what keeps me sane at times because it’s always coming up with ideas. Poor thing has been a little muffled last year or two because of stress, but it’s still kicking. Being creative helps with problem solving and deep discussions as well. It keeps my mind rather flexible and able to cope with situations. At least if my anxiety hasn’t been set off, which my creativity can then team up with to develop an assortment of doomsday scenarios. Downside to a highly active imagination is that when things go sideways, they really go sideways.

You certainly have an active imagination. Much appreciated by your fans.

  1. Do you cook? If so, what is your favourite thing to cook?

I don’t cook as often as I used to because of my work schedule, but I want to get back into it. Favorite dish is a tough one. My ‘go to’ one is pasta with homemade vodka sauce. It’s the first recipe I really learned and it never fails to be a hit. I’ve even made this dish and put it on a pizza crust. Nice, carb heavy combo when I haven’t eaten much.

Vodka Sauce? Sounds good.

  1. Can you swim?

Not very well. Don’t mind floating around in a pool, but that’s really it. I find water relaxing, especially when alone with my thoughts. I’m not a fan of swimming in natural bodies of water either. Not sure when that started, but I’m simply not comfortable swimming in oceans or lakes. Maybe it’s because I’m a little scared of sharks and alligators.

You’re not alone in being scared of sharks and alligators. ans with good reason, I’d say.

  1. What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world today?

Lots of problems in the world today, so it’s difficult to choose one as the biggest. One that I think is at the core of so many other issues is that not many people have empathy. We spend more time finding a reason to cast others aside than to understand where they’re coming from. A person in pain is more likely to be kicked to the side of the road because they’re too high maintenance, which stems from this lack of empathy. You listen to someone complaining and you turn off, which means you don’t really hear that they’re suffering. If you don’t realize this then you can’t do anything to help, which could be as simple as listening and letting them know that you understand. There’s a big push to separate ourselves and cast others as ‘lesser’ or ‘inhuman’ too, which I think is another offshoot of this lack of empathy. This issue did drive me a bit when writing War of Nytefall since the overarching story is about how the Dawn Fang vampires are working to prove they can live among mortals in peace. For that to happen, there has to be empathy and understand or the two species will end up trying to kill each other.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, there, Charles. Lack of empathy seems to be endemic these days. No one cares about anyone else. I’ve called it ‘selfishness’, but I think empathy is a much better word.

Thank you for joining me today. It was good to have a chat. Good luck with your latest ‘Nytefall’ book.


Charles E. Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons.

One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After spending many years fiddling with his thoughts and notebooks, he decided that it was time to follow his dream of being a fantasy author.

So, locked within the house with only pizza and seltzer to sustain him, Charles brings you tales from the world of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you and drawing you into a world of magic.

War of Nytefall: Anarchy Blurb-

The paladins of Windemere have had enough!
As the Vampire Civil War heats up, mysterious murders are being committed against members of every holy order. All signs point to the culprits being vampires, which has resulted in the creation of a unified paladin army. To protect his people, Clyde must find the killers before the holy warriors unleash their purifying crusade. It is a battle against frustrating obstacles as the war inches closer to mortal civilization and ambitious new allies join Nytefall.
One slip is all that is needed for the secret of the Dawn Fangs to be revealed.

And here is a collage of some of Charles’ other books.

Charles’ books are available on Amazon.

He has a website, Legends of Windemere where you can find out more about him and his books.

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