The Wolf Pack


I began writing The Wolf Pack after I retired from teaching.

I had run a Dungeons and Dragons club at my last 2 schools and wrote a scenario in which the players had to find a magical sword and then use it to kill a cleric who was threatening their country.

After I retired I decided to turn it into a novel and began writing.

The prologue came to me as something that would perhaps intrigue my potential audience. I had already got quite a lot of the history of the world in my head and I then began to create the land.

After doing that, of course, I needed some people. I already had some characters in place from the scenario, such as Duke Rollo of Hambara and his snooty daughter Randa, but I would need to create the main protagonists. I am unsure where they came from, but they arrived quite naturally and I fleshed them out with a bit of background history which is not really necessary in the story, but did make them more real to me. It explained some of their characteristics. After all, we are a product of both our genes and experiences.

I began writing with The Flood, but decided that I would need to somehow explain about the prophecy (which had not appeared in the original scenario). In the scenario the players found a letter on a dead man addressed to Duke Rollo and took it to him wherupon he gave them the quest to search for Sauvern’s Sword.

Sauvern was a king from the distant past who had fought the Raiders who came over the sea and raped and pillaged the lands of the continent of Khalram. He convinced the warring kings of what has become Grosmer to band together to overcome the Raiders. Now those kings are the 6 Dukes.

The book grew with the writing. I originally thought that it would be one novel, but the finding of the Sword alone took one book. I had to firstly to introduce all the characters that were going to go on the quest, then there was the actual finding of the Sword.

It was not absolutely straightforward. I had some surprises on the way. Things happened that I had not planned! To a non-writer this will sound seriously weird, but writers will know what I’m talking about. Talking to writers since, they all talk about how the characters sometimes take over and say and do things that surprise the author. I was so glad to hear that others had this experience or I would have thought I was going bonkers!(Perhaps I am, and all authors are a little mad.)

At the end of this novel I was left with the rest of the scenario to write about. Although this novel finishes with the return of the group, now calling themselves Wolf, to Hambara, there are questions left unanswered, not least some of the thinks said in the prophecy that began the whole thing. These will be answered in subsequent books.

Follow this link to read a sample of The Wolf Pack.

Or you can click on this link to purcase a copy.

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