Wolf Moon


The reason Wolf Moon has not been published yet is because I now have a publisher, Creativia. I sent them the first few chapters of another novel I’d written, and, before publishing that, they wanted to re-publish The Wolf Pack, The Never-Dying Man and Viv’s Family Recipes. That took a while because, apart from a professional edit from them, they decided to change each cover and do them all separately.

Now they are waiting for me to finish my edit of Wolf Moon. It’s nearly there, so I’m hoping to get it in print shortly.

To those of you who have bought and read Books 1 and 2, I apologise for keeping you waiting for so long. I know it’s frustrating. (I have issues with G. R. R. Martin over this!) I will let everyone know asap when it’s published.

it should not be as long before Book 4 is ready as I’m getting on with it fairly well. Just a brief break while I get Wolf Moon sorted out.

This book follows the half of Wolf that did not appear in The Never-Dying Man (Book 2). iwill give you more details at a later date.

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